With autumn only a couple months away, it’s time to start thinking about the work that comes with the first fallen leaves. A major part of that work is clearing the fallen leaves off the ground. This is why we are going to be reviewing McCulloch GB 355 BP Backpack Leaf Blower. It is one of the best petrol leaf blowers on the uk market at the moment.

All of us keen gardeners want to have well-kept gardens, that we could brag with to everyone. If you are anything like me, you are familiar with the feeling of that pride, when someone compliments your garden. Of course, we’re allowed to be proud of our creations. A lot of effort goes into maintaining a garden, no matter how small or big it is. We dedicate time and money so that our gardens could be as beautiful as they are. This is why, even though it is still summer, we start preparing for the autumn work. When the time comes we will be ready.

Clearing the leaves is a bit of a daunting task, to be honest, but with the right tool, any activity could be a breeze. Now let’s get to the point and look into one of the best petrol leaf blowers on the market at the moment – McCulloch GB 355 BP Backpack Leaf Blower.

McCulloch GB 355 BP Backpack Leaf Blower: Leaf Blower/Garden Vacuum with 1500 W Engine Power, Variable Speed, with Backpack (Article Number: 00096-70-887.01)
  • Professional appliance: Backpack leaf blower with 1500 W engine power, 355 km/h blower speed, improved comfort thanks to adjustable shoulder straps
  • Maximum comfort: Thanks to the backpack function, the leaf blower engine can be strapped to your back and started using the cord start feature
  • Maximum user-friendliness: The appliance is fitted with an anti-vibration system to make work as comfortable as possible. The gas lever position can easily be adjusted
  • Flexible air speed: The air speed can be adjusted and speed control is integrated to ensure that work remains comfortable even over longer periods of time
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x McCulloch GB 355 BP backpack leaf blower (Article Number: 00096-70.887.01)

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