A fast growing shrubs refers to plants which grow unusually quickly. There are a number of reasons why you might want to plant them. The fast growing shrubs and bushes are nice, particularly if your garden is looking bare or lacking in privacy. Instead of putting up fences, you can put in fast growing plants. As a result they will provide you with an eco-friendly green screen. In addition they are aesthetically pleasing and good for your garden.

Fast Growing Shrubs London

Alternatively, if you are just trying to make your garden bloom with vibrancy and colour, fast-growing are the way to go. The let you make maximum impact with minimum time. These plants have the obvious advantage of filling in spaces, whether in or around the garden.

Fast Growing Shrubs And Privacy Plants

If you are trying to use these shrubs to increase your privacy, there are a number of options. Common Laurel is one of the most popular choices for hedges:

  • it grows up to three metres high, providing a very effective screen
  • manage in almost every kind of soil, and will grow in the sun or the shade
  • it is evergreen, so it will provide you with year-round privacy
  • its density may help to deter unwelcome visitors from your garden without forming a barrier for wildlife such as hedgehogs and foxes

Cherry Laurel Evergreen Hedging - Fast Growing Shrubs

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In early summer, it produces attractive white flowers, which look lovely against the green leaves. This shrub is very hardy and will cope well with droughts. Indeed, it sometimes seems to be too fast-growing, and will need care and attention to keep it neat.

For a brighter option, you might want to consider trying the Golden Bell, which is a deciduous multi-stemmed bush. Although this plant won’t retain its bright colours throughout the year, in spring it flowers beautifully, and is a popular choice for back borders. It gets to approximately 2.5 metres high, forming a round bush and, like Common Laurel, is hardy and amenable to most conditions, though it doesn’t thrive in full shade.

Another Beautiful Fast Growings

You could also consider a Cut Leaf Elder for your garden. A beautiful golden-green shrub with delicate deciduous foliage, this plant will thrive in most types of soil, and has white flowers in the summer. It can grow up to three metres high, so again offers a great screen if you need privacy, and forms a very pretty backdrop. This shrub prefers sunlight and a sheltered area, but will tolerate shade. Cut Leaf Elder does become leggy in time. So will need some pruning and attention, and likes to be fed every few years.

Guelden Rose - Fast Growing Plant

Another shrub which gives a very striking screen with many large flowers is the Guelder Rose. Growing up to three metres high, it is another reasonably low-maintenance plant which will grow in most types of soil, although it does not thrive in very wet or very arid conditions. It will survive in clay provided it does not become too saturated, which makes it a good choice if you have very heavy soil. It has big, scented blossoms which will attract insects, and its dense foliage offers a good nesting place for birds.

Shrubs Providing Thin Screening

If you are considering plants to fill in a gap or to provide a thin screen for privacy, rather than as a hedge, there are also a whole range of options, many of which offer pretty flowers, lovely scents, and attractive leaves. One of the fastest growing plants is Umbrella Bamboo. It is elegant, tall, and prolific in its growth.

Umbrella Bamboo - Fast Growing Shrubs

Umbrella Bamboo is a very graceful plant, which sways attractively in the wind and grows in a dense lattice. Moreover, it’s an evergreen, so it will provide year-round privacy and greenery, although it does not flower. It prefers dappled shade and does not thrive in direct sunlight, so is best planted amongst other trees or alongside a wall.

Bamboo will also put up with most kinds of soil, whether wet or dry, and is generally a hardy, low-maintenance screen. It is, however, an invasive plant, so it will need to be kept in check as it spreads quickly and easily; any shoots sprouting in unwanted places ought to be removed to prevent it growing over the garden.

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The Golden Dogwood is also an evergreen plant which gives your garden a bit of colour in the winter. It is extremely hardy, but favours full sunlight and ought to be pruned every 2-3 years. It produces white flowers in early summer, and will maintain its lush pale green throughout the year. Equally, the Winter Green Boxwood provides dense, lush foliage and can be pruned to attractive shapes.

Colorful Garden With Beautiful Shrubs

A Buddleja, also known as the butterfly bush, is another attractive fast-grower. They are not a dense plant, but can grow up to four metres and attract a lot of insects. Also deciduous, they can be used to provide a splash of colour at the back of a border, or as a thin screen.

Buddleia Tricolour Butterfly Bush - Fast Growing Shrubs

They prefer well-drained soils and sunlight, and produce beautiful purple flowers in the late summer. To go with this, you might consider planting some Himalayan Honeysuckle. This bush produces many purple blooms in summer. Afterwards, beautiful dark red berries throughout autumn and the start of winter. It will also tolerate most types of soil and either full sun or patchy shade.

To continue the purple theme, you could also consider a Hydrangea. It has large, attractive blooms ranging from pink to purplish-blue. Hydrangea comes with a plenty of dense green leaves. They provides cover and privacy, as well as homes for wildlife. Like most fast growing shrubs, it will thrive in many different types of soil and in shady areas.

Whether you are trying to keep your garden colourful all year round, or you want greenery to give you some added privacy in your garden, there are a huge range of fast growing shrubs and plants to choose from. Most are very hardy plants, suitable for planting in a range of different environments, even in poor soil. Many have attractive, insect-friendly flowers which will brighten up your borders and provide a backdrop of lush green, giving homes to wildlife and making your garden verdant and lively.