If you are dealing with wider branches and larger hedges, Black & Decker GT6060 is the best electric hedge trimmer that you should consider and use. The product provides unparalleled convenience and strength, making your garden or yard maintenance easier than ever before. With the help of this product, you can be sure that you can establish and keep up a manicured yard without the emissions, expense and hassles of a gas-powered model.

Black & Decker GT6060
 Black & Decker is recognized as a worldwide seller and manufacturer of power accessories and equipment, home-improvement products and technology-based binding programs. They established a reputation for product innovation, value and high quality durable design. Black & Decker enjoys around the world acknowledgement for its revolutionary product growth and its global distribution is unsurpassed in the tools and hardware business.


  • Black & Decker GT6060 has 600 Watt motor, making the product ideal for cutting wider branches and larger hedges.
  • The product has comfortable hand holds. It has padded handle that is responsible for reducing the vibration effects.
  • The front type handle is packed with protective hand guard, making them perfect for both left and right handed individuals.
  • The product has 60cm long blade that has the ability to cut big swathes of branches and leaves.
  • When it comes to safety, Black & Decker GT6060 has all the bases covered. Controls of this product are properly positioned in a neutral position.


  • Black & Decker GT6060 has very powerful 600 Watt motor that allow users to cut large branches as though they were butter.
  • The product has lightweight design but Black & Decker GT6060 is creatively designed for big areas of hedging.
  • Black & Decker GT6060 has ergonomic hand grips with safety conscious controls regardless of who uses the product.
  • The product has superior and innovative blade design for superior cuts and longer run time. It starts instantly with a key and quick jerk of the handle. Once started, it will provide you with quiet operation. It simply means that you can use the product without worrying about bothering your neighbors.
  • Black & Decker GT6060 offer easy storage and adjustments. Patented and unique one-touch height adjustment means you can quickly alter the cutting height of all four wheels at once with the tug of a single lever.


  • Blade cover of Black & Decker GT6060 could be of a higher quality so you will need to be extra careful when putting this thing away for storage.
  • The product has an expensive price. It simply means that not all commercial gardeners can afford to buy one.


If you are looking for the best and high quality electric hedge trimmer, Black & Decker GT6060 is the perfect choice for you. The product is good even for a large garden. One of the best things about Black & Decker GT6060 is that it produces no dangerous pollution in your garden. For more information about this electric hedge trimmer, browsing the web can be a great help.

Black & Decker GT6060 customer thoughts

  • An excellent piece of kit which punches far above its weight. I chose this in preference to Bosch elec and 2-stroke Husqvarnas / Stihl / Wolf models due to its lightness, manoeuvrability, 600W power output and good customer testimonials..
  • Having taken time and consider the rivals, I choose this trimmer due to its price and length of cutting blade.I have some considerable hedges to trim and you know about it when you’re done them. The machine can make light work and this trimmer did. It was light enough to be up and down a ladder on all day. The cut of the diamond blades was excellent going throw branches the size of your thumb with no problem.The length of the blade made short work of a 100m hedge some 7 feet tall.You could do far worse than this, thoroughly recommended.
  • Excellent product for the price, it cut through my conifer hedge, like a hot knife through butter, not too heavy to hold, I don’t think the plastic sleeve that covers the blade will last a long time as it appears quite flimsy.
    I would still give it 10/10 though for performance & price.
  • I purchased this Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer to replace my previous B&D Hedge Trimmer
    These are quite heavy and at 600 Watts have plenty of cutting power
    Hopefully these will last as long as my previous hedge trimmer which lasted 5 years
  • I choose the Black & Decker GT6060 due to my previous experience of Black & Decker products. This product is very well constructed and feels sturdy and safe in my hands. It is still lightweight and easy to move around the bushes. The blade is long and makes very easy work of bushes and hedges. I had no trouble with anything in my garden.

Black & Decker GT6060 user manual

If you interested, here you can find the user manual for Black & Decker GT6060 electric hedge trimmer

Black & Decker GT6060 Price

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