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Black & Decker GTC1850L Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Black & Decker GTC1850L is one of those cordless trimmers, that should be on top of your list. Made to be lightweight and easy to handle. The 50cm blade length and 18mm blade gap is suitable for smaller hedges.

Black & Decker GTC1850L

Black & Decker GTC1850L

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, it is a must have for someone, who wants fast, and choir free hedge trimming. The battery hold charge for a very long time, and last longer for prolonged periods of work. The battery, according to the manufacturer will hold a charge for 18 months! It takes around 2 hours to charge it fully. The lack of cord provides easy and safe handling, without the need of extensions or the worry of tangling the cord.

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Black & Decker GT4245 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

One of the best electric hedge trimmers for you, if you are looking for small and really lightweight, is the Black & Decker GT4245.

Small, rugged and easy to use two handed trimmer, it is powered by a 420W motor and has 45cm dual action blades which are asymmetric, which makes it ideal for bushes, small hedges and tree branches.

Black & Decker GT4245
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